ou have just received “The Shelley Volumes,” a collection of hollowed-out books left by Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) to her son, Florence. In the first volume, you find a message from Mary:
"Contained within these volumes is a secret many great men have devoted their entire lives to unearthing, and always in vain. It is a secret I would have taken with me to the grave, except that it is, in more ways than one, our family’s legacy, and thus rightfully belongs with you..."
Beneath Mary’s letter you’ll discover a treasure trove of gorgeous hand-written documents, 2D and 3D jigsaw puzzles, mysterious objects and artifacts, and devious challenges. Prove your worth by studying the documents, constructing the jigsaws, and solving the puzzles... and you’ll be treated to a heartbreaking story that culminates in a shocking reimagining of the truth behind Mary Shelley’s famous novel. The Shelley Volumes Mother of Frankenstein invites you to turn off your phones, turn down the lights, and experience the most immersive collaborative puzzle game ever devised.

What makes Mother of Frankenstein so special?

Unlike most puzzle games and escape rooms, Mother of Frankenstein was designed to be as welcoming and fun for newbies as it is rewarding for experts. Recommended for groups of 1-6, ages 13 and up, MoF combines the dense narrative complexity of a good novel with the physicality and interactivity of immersive theater, the brain-bending challenge of a puzzle-filled escape room with the accessibility and broad appeal of the best board games. Throw in a couple of clue-strewn jigsaw puzzles, and our game truly has something for everyone!

Each volume should take 3-5 hours to complete. Volume 1 concerns Mary's teenage years. We learn about her education by her iconoclastic father and complete three assignments on the subjects she most loved as a student—poetry, music, and astronomy—each of which is presented in the form of a puzzle. Simultaneously, Mary embarks on a love affair with the dashing (but married) poet Percy Shelley. The course of their courtship is laid out over 15 love letters—complete with original poetry, gorgeous drawings, and some heavy flirting—but be warned, in Mother of Frankenstein, there are always secrets hidden in the spaces between the words, for those who know how to look...

Love letters between Mary and Percy Shelley

'The Shelley Volumes' brochure from Notheby's
"The Shelley Volumes” arrive with this brochure from Notheby’s auction house. Congratulations on your successful bid!

In Volume 2, the venue changes to a certain famous castle in Germany. You’ll begin by constructing a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle that will serve as a sort of key to the mysteries that follow. One puzzle involves a ball thrown on a balmy summer night in 1814, for which you’ll have to chart the events of the evening by way of gossip rags, billiard hall schedules, and original drawings by comic book artist Liana Kangas. Afterwards you’ll descend into the bowels of the castle with alchemist Conrad Dippel, and discover what Mary learned under his tutelage.

Alchemy Documents

Finally, in Volume 3, you’ll construct an epic 3D puzzle of the same castle and use it to...well, we aren’t ready to give away all of our plans just yet!

Mother of Frankenstein will be available as an exclusive presale on Kickstarter starting September 24, 2020. The campaign will offer a number of exciting rewards for early backers, from VIP tickets to Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill to a specially designed edition of Frankenstein featuring original artworks by renowned comic-book artist Liana Kangas. Subscribe to our Kickstarter page to learn more about our game, our campaign, and our production schedule. We can’t do this without your support!

The Team

Tommy Wallach


(Hatch Escapes) Tommy is the author of five novels, including We All Looked Up, which spent over 25 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and Thanks for the Trouble, which he adapted for film and is currently attached to direct in collaboration with Confluential Films and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. The final book of his trilogy, The Anchor and Sophia, was released this past August. Tommy was also signed to Decca Records as a singer/songwriter.

Terry Rolapp


(Hatch Escapes) Terry spent the aughts in New York City racking up degrees and passing time as a composer, playwright, graphic artist, computer programmer, and a professor of art and public policy at NYU. Then he picked up an MBA at UCLA and ran a few awesome companies before founding Hatch Escapes. In designing and building escape rooms and tabletop games, Terry has finally found the perfect vehicle for his unique assortment of skills and interests.

Arvind Ethan David


(Prodigal) Arvind is a lead producer on Jagged Little Pill on Broadway and producer of David Baddiel and Erran Baron Cohen’s The Infidel. He is a writer on Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys for Amazon, co-creator and showrunner of Knights of the Borrowed Dark, and was executive producer of the BBC America/Netflix series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, starring Elijah Wood. David has produced eight feature films and is currently writing Gray, a graphic novel for Ted Adams’ Clover Press that is a modern, feminist take on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The Orbits of the 11 Planets

Hatch Escapes

Hatch Escapes is an escape room and gaming company based in LA. Hatch is the home of Lab Rat, currently ranked the 12th best escape room in the world, and the forthcoming The Ladder, which had the most successful escape room Kickstarter campaign of all time.


Prodigal, the company behind Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Broadway's Jagged Little Pill, is an entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California that tells stories across television, film, comics, audioplays, and theatre. Prodigal is also helping to produce Hatch’s The Ladder.

Jigsaw Puzzle and Puzzle Rings